Welcome to K Consulting I


K Consulting are professional corporate strategists.
(Corporate Strategies,Business Strategies,Information Strategies, Financial Strategies,Marketing Strategies,,,)

We provide the realistic solutions of corporate's problems by analyzing the business situations.

Our services are "Projects-Base" or "Governer-Base".

We offer the following services
Planning and Evaluating New Business Strategies
[Client Types]           Companies planning new business domains
[Our Consultation]     Evaluating the business opportunities and risks

Reviewing Present Businesses
[Client Types]           Companies having old business units with no further growth
[Our Consultation]     Making decisions to go/leave and planning soft-landings

Information Strategies
[Client Types]           Companies planning infomationizing
[Our Consultation]     Evaluating the system venders and coordinating implementations

Internet Marketing Strategies

[Client Types]           Companies planning their business to utilize internet
[Our Consultation]     Planning the internet marketing strategies comparing the competitors

Restructuring and Reengineering
[Client Types]           Companies needed restructuring/reengineering
[Our Consultation]     Helping analyzing the business structures and processes

Evaluating Markets and Customer Preferences
[Client Types]           Companies needed the market information
[Our Consultation]     Collect the market information and analyzing it